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finding the best option that works for you

Design & Build


Create a first home around what suits you and your budget. Whether you have land or need help finding the perfect section, we will help design a house making the most of your section, the sun and your lifestyle.


Not sure what building materials to use? Chalfont is happy to explain the materials and associated benefits leaving you with no illusion as to what you are getting. We only use top quality products and materials that have been tried and tested.

During the whole process, Chalfont makes it a priority to ensure you are well informed so you can understand exactly what is happening and when it will be delivered.


Custom Designed Home


Chalfont can help you find the perfect section for you and your requirements


You will be fully informed throughout the whole process so you will not get any surprises

Turn Key Option

turn key option

Let us help you get into the property market. We understand renting and getting a mortgage is often difficult. Like the Design and Build option, you will have the benefits of designing your first home but Chalfont will also finance the build meaning you only need a deposit to start and then you can pay the rest on completion. 


Custom Designed Home


Chalfont will help you by financing the building process with only a 5% deposit


Only have to pay the total when you move in.

Recent Projects

recent Chalfont projects

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